EICR Rental Property


For the majority of landlords, no change in behaviour will be required following the introduction of the Regulations that make it a legal requirement to have an EICR within their Rental property. This is because most landlords already carry out checks on the electrical systems within their  properties to ensure they are providing a safe environment for their tenants. However, for the minority of landlords who have not been keeping up to date with checks, the rules introduced in 2020 placed a burden on them.

Tenants and the Electrical Installation Condition Report for Rental Property? 

In addition to having the tests completed, landlords will also be required to obtain a copy of the electrical installation condition report that details the results of the inspection and the date that the next inspection is due. A copy of this report should be supplied to the tenants who occupy the property at the time of the inspection within 28 days of the inspection being carried out.  

 When new tenants are to move into a property, they should be given a copy of the report before occupying the property, and any prospective tenants should be given a copy within 28 days of requesting it. 

Years Established

EICRS Complete

Local Authorities and EICR for Lettings

The landlord may also be required to supply a copy of the EICR for lettings to the local authority. This can be requested at any time, and the landlord must supply the report within seven days. It is the Local Authority’s responsibility to enforce the Regulations, with the power to impose a financial penalty of no more than £30,000 for a breach of duty. 

 The landlord should also keep a copy of the EICR report and give this to the person carrying out the next inspection.



Unsatisfactory EICR for Tenancy 

Following an EICR for tenancy, it is possible that an unsatisfactory outcome will be recorded. In these instances, the report will identify urgent remedial work that is required, or it will note that further investigation is needed. The report will often give a timeframe for work to be completed, but if it does not, the work must have been completed by a qualified and competent person within 28 days.  


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