Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report

A domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report should be carried out on residential properties at least once every 5 years to ensure that there are no dangerous faults within a home’s electrical system and wiring. Homes that were wired decades ago or are suffering damage from environmental conditions should, be checked more frequently.  

 All Domestic EICRs should be carried out by a qualified electrician and homeowners will be presented with a detailed report assessing whether fixes need to be made in order to make the property electrically safe. Having an EICR completed means that you can identify faults before they develop into something much more serious, and could, end up costing you a great deal more money down the line.  

Domestic EICR

A domestic electrical condition report will be required for rental properties from July 2021, and the report will show any defects in the electrical installations, how efficient the wiring  is and that all fixtures such as sockets and light switches are in good working order. If you are not in possesion of a domestic EICR within the required date you could face fines of up to £30000

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NICEIC Domestic Installer EICR

It is important that your domestic electrical installation report is carried out by a qualified and trained electrician. They will be able to make your residential property safe to live in with their extensive knowledge of  the domestic EICR to identify current and potential issues with the electrical wiring system, covering everything from lighting fixtures and switches to electrical socket outlets.  


An electrician who also has been approved with a NICEIC accreditation gives extra reassurance, as it is recognised accreditation in the industry, and is also accredited by UKAS. With an NICEIC domestic installer, you can be sure that your EICR is being carried out to the highest of standards. 


They will be knowledgeable about many areas concerning electrical installation, and can undertake a variety of tasks from identifying potential hazards to taking the necessary steps to make a property safe electrically. There are a number of checks carried out by the NICEIC before an electrician can be made a certified member. More information about the NICEIC and its members can be found HERE 




Domestic Visual Condition Report

A Domestic Visual Condition Report is a useful document to have and is best undertaken by a competent, trained and experienced electrician with relevant qualifications. It is not to be mistaken as a domestic EICR, The report comprises of a thorough assessment of your home’s electrical systems, conducting a visual inspection of everything from the wiring (where visible) to switches and outlets.  


The electrician will be looking for visual defects that may be caused by deterioration or damage, and will provide an accurate assessment of the property’s electrical condition. A visual inspection will not be able to determine many aspects of overall electrical safety simply because there are limits in not using electrical testing equipment to detect faults in areas of the electrical system which are unseen. However, many areas of safety can be addressed with a simple and cost-effective visual inspection of both the interior and exterior of the property.